Ever wonder how a song comes together? The truth is every song comes together in its own unique way, and there are times when the Holy Spirit just orchestrates the whole thing in a moment. That's exactly what happened with Kenbe Pye Jezi (Hold the Feet of Jesus).

The day before this song came together was our first day of recording and strange things had been happening. Our producer Tedd T's computer and electronics started overheating and weird messages were popping up on the computer screen and our phones. His external hard drive was so hot it almost burned your finger to the touch. Anyone who's been in Haiti in the summer knows it's HOT! And we thought maybe this was causing all our electronics to act up. We knew if this didn't get fixed, it could jeopardize our entire week of recording.

We took a break, turned on every fan we could find, and found a frozen package of bacon (yes, bacon!) that we wrapped in a towel and put underneath the hard drive to try to cool it down. Anyone who's been to Haiti also knows you have to be RESOURCEFUL! Haha. But it just kept getting worse. So we rallied the worship team and asked everybody to pray. They decided to come in the room and worship and pray together, so Rivenson got his guitar and they all started singing and praising and praying. And by the time they finished the second song, all the electronic issues were fixed, our phones were back to normal, and we realized what we thought was the heat was actually the enemy trying to take out the whole week of recording by messing with our electronics.

We made the decision right then and there to start every morning with praise and worship. Just in case the enemy thought he might want to try anything else, we wanted him to know Who was in charge.

As we were getting ready to start the next day out with worship, we asked the worship team what they were going to sing. Rivenson's casual response was, "I don't know, but I think it's gonna be good, so you might want to record it." Sometimes you just know the Holy Spirit is going to move.

"I remember that morning of recording," Rivenson Dige recalls. "We started with a time of worship and prayer with my guitar. Suddenly the Holy Spirit took over and gave me a melody. I started playing the chords He put in my spirit, and it just took off from there."

Everyone started worshiping as they felt led, and soon Tedd started adding some beats and a bass line and it just kept building from there. Everyone in the room realized we were witnessing something special. Have fun watching as this spontaneous worship session turns into a hip hop song:

After the moment was over, everyone had to break out and write down their raps while they were still fresh in their minds. Later in the day we recorded those raps individually and Tedd made it all come together. By the end of the day, the song was finished and we knew this one had to go on Rivenson's album.

The final version of the song includes parts from everyone on the worship team. And Pastor Rivenson's rap is actually Psalm 23! We hope you have as much fun listening to this song as we did making it! To God be the glory!

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